Now I can do it by you emailing me the book and going through word using track changes. I can also do it by you mailing me the manuscript and making my changes on the pages and then mailing it back to you. Either one is fine.

Beta Reading:

Now I get a lot of people telling me they don’t charge for betas and they do it for free. That’s true some do and some don’t. But it’s a lot of work going through a whole manuscript, making sure it’s right. I put it as my first priority and give my honest opinion with your manuscript.  Some betas that do it for free aren’t as honest or they are sloppy and don’t give it there all.

Here’s what I provide:

Readability of your manuscript. In other words, how quickly did I read, how much did I enjoy it, where did it drag?
Reader’s opinion. As a reader, what did I think of your plot, your characters, and your writing style?
Positives and negatives. What about your book did I love or hate?
Questions. As a reader, what questions do I have about the story? It’s up to you to decide whether this is what you want readers to be asking themselves when reading.                      I have a beta spreadsheet that covers all those questions and I go down the list.


What I charge: If it’s 68k words and under I charge ($100). If it’s more than 68k words I charge ($200). If you have a deadline it will cost more depending on when you need it back.  I usually ask for the payment upfront but I can also take half up front. If you want to do that, you send half the money, I will send half the book. Then once I get the rest so will you.  If you have any questions just message me. 🙂