Hello, I have been a blogger for about six years now. I have always loved reading and being apart of the book world. I love to write as well. Authors are my hero’s for writing great stories. I wanted to become more into the book world and decided to go behind-the-scenes.

As an editor I like to connect with the author and be there in any way I can. I like to form a bond with the author when I work with them. Be there for them and talk about everything that is going on. If you’re a newbie or an already published I am here to help and be there in anyway. I respect your book is your baby and I just want to help it get out into the world polished as much as I can help.

Now I don’t guarantee a 100% edit. There will be some errors that I will miss, I’m not perfect and nothing is ever perfect. But I do promise to do the best I can do and have it be something you like. I will not share your work and I expect the same. I won’t share with anyone or social media, I hope our trust will be there and you the author won’t share either.

Depending on what you want me to do, depends on how long it will take. Everyone is different, some are rougher drafts than others. Some need more time, more work and I don’t like to rush it. But we can talk about how long when we talk. If you have a deadline it will cost more.

I edit all genres. I love all genres and welcome all.

*I also don’t give re-funds. When we end up working on a project together, once I have the manuscript there is no re-funds. If you decide you don’t want me to do it, I will give you the book back but not the money. *