One of my favorites to read:

You know how you try to decide what to read and you look through all your to-be-read books. But your just in a reading funk, nothing can grab your attention.  Everything sounds great but just not enough to hold you right now. I hate that feeling, so I usually just go to one of my favorites. Even then sometimes it’s hard. But I grabbed Bared to You by Sylvia Day again. I haven’t managed to finish the series yet, I have a problem. Lol 🙂

It’s one of my favorites and I always fall back in love with it. There is just something about your favorites and your go-to. Bared to You is one of them for me. Even though I already know what will happen I still get butterflies for the series. I still get upset over stuff that happens. I am wanting this time to be the time where I finish all of them.

Eva and Gideon are everything. Gideon is such a cocky bastard in the beginning but you see the hurt, pain and love he goes through for Eva. I love him, I love him as a cocky bastard but I love him even more when we see him beneath the surface. He is a tortured soul like Eva, they need each other. He does everything for her and her him. They love each other so much, that they also cause pain for themselves.

Eva is the ultimate heroine. She shows her weakness but also her sass. I love her sass. She doesn’t let anyone control her anymore since her past. She is feisty, she gives Gideon a run for his money. She don’t let him treat her like shit, and lets him know that. She isn’t afraid to make a scene, I love it when they get jealous over each other. It’s so cute. 🙂

I am on Reflected in You (the second book) by Sylvia Day. This too is a repeat but third one won’t be. I will post what I think about it. I think this is it, I will finally finish the series. Wish me Luck. 🙂

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